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    by Dennis Collin



    When working in Revit it can be useful to be able to Zoom to a selected object. This function is available for AutoCAD but not Revit. Whilst workarounds can be found using Select by ID or Selection Box functions, they are not effective at achieving a quick result.

    The Zoom to Selection Add-in allows users to zoom to selected Model and Detail Groups, attached detail groups, an associated level and a section line from simply selecting the view on the project browser. A zoom factor can also be set , so that it is possible to focus close in on an object.


    Although this seems like a simple process it makes the whole process of finding elements so much easier. The App is available for all current versions of Revit including the 2021 release.

    The Zoom to Selection App is available to download and install from the Autodesk App store:


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