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    by John Flanagan


    Dragging a Wall in Revit with the Moves With Nearby Element activated.

    In Revit we use constraints to establish relationships between System Families such as walls and Component Families such as furniture. A handy constraint in Revit is the Moves With Nearby Element option. This is a very useful function when you want to move a wall for example and you want the furniture placed near the wall to move with it.

    In a floor plan view select and drag a wall and notice that the attached walls move with it.



    Bedroom 2 and The Bathroom have both got bigger, but notice that the double bed in Bedroom 2 did not move. If you want the bed to move when you drag the wall, first select the bed and in properties tick Moves With Nearby Elements, now when you drag the wall the bed moves with it and maintains the same distance from the wall.



    If you wish, you can move the wall on the right independently by using the disjoin option. I will cover this in my next blog.