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    by Florentina Stirbu


    Vault’s print preview is a very useful tool that is often overlooked. It can be a good report generating substitute, especially for Vault Basic users (as the report generation tool is only available for Vault Professional and Vault Workgroup).

    Together with the Advanced find feature, print preview can be used to export views to various file formats such as PDF, CSV, DOCX.

    In the example below, I have used advanced find to list all files in a specific Vault folder that don’t have a drawing and are not Content Center files:


    I then saved this search as a folder and customised the view to remove fields that are not relevant for my report (i.e. the Vault status icon, property compliance, comment).


    Before exporting, the appearance can be changed and a watermark can be added.




    The Print preview export can be used without running an advanced find first – another good use would be to export the “Uses”/ “Where used” view.