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    My name is Richard Evans, and I am the Technical Manager for Digital Manufacturing. My responsibilities include delivering and advising customers on training solutions and support to customers.

    My career spans over 40 years within the manufacturing industry, which include automotive press tool design and manufacture, aerospace and Formula One.

    Over this period, I have developed expertise in leading CAM technology including Delcam Duct, PowerMill, Hypermill and Lemoine. I have also been very involved with product design and reverse engineering, using many of the products commonly used in our industry such as Powershape, Catia and Hypermill.

    Prior to my current position I spent 4 years working at Autodesk delivering training for both Powermill and Powershape in a classroom and on-site environment.

    I look forward to building relationships with customers and to share my passion for Autodesk’s digital manufacturing software.



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