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    by Miles Nicholson


    The Project-wide Update/Retag command enables you to in one command, modify drawing properties and sheet values, renumber ladders, retag components, retag wire numbers, update component cross referencing, update wire cross referencing and update title blocks.

    This is obviously very powerful, but you must consider whether build has started on the equipment prior to running the command. If build has started, then simply deselect the component retag and the wire numbering retag (setting this to new unnumbered only) as mentioned below. If you are in any doubt, make a copy of your project prior to running until you are familiar with the command and its options.

    Select Project ribbon tab > Project Tools pane > ACAD_Elec_Project_wide_update_MN_02.png Update/Retag


    Project Manager > ACAD_Elec_Project_wide_update_MN_03.png


    If the equipment is already in build, you should either ensure the following are selected/unselected:

    • Deselect ACAD_Elec_Project_wide_update_MN_05.png
    • Select ACAD_Elec_Project_wide_update_MN_06.png> ACAD_Elec_Project_wide_update_MN_07.png > ACAD_Elec_Project_wide_update_MN_08.png



    Run ACAD_Elec_Project_wide_update_MN_09.png Utilities to fix the existing components tags, wire numbers etc prior to running the Project-wide Update/Retag.

    Please refer to: Fixing Your Component Tags, Wire Numbers & Item Numbers Project-Wide

    Assuming the design hasn’t gone to build yet, select the options as shown (IEC):


    Select ACAD_Elec_Project_wide_update_MN_11.png

    Ensure the values you wish to update are ticked:


    Select ACAD_Elec_Project_wide_update_MN_13.png

    Select ACAD_Elec_Project_wide_update_MN_14.png

    Select the options:


    Select ACAD_Elec_Project_wide_update_MN_16.png

    Select ACAD_Elec_Project_wide_update_MN_17.png

    Select ACAD_Elec_Project_wide_update_MN_18.png

    Select ACAD_Elec_Project_wide_update_MN_19.png

    All of the selected drawings are updated with the options selected.




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