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    by Gary Mann

    When setting up a project, whatever method you decide to use, you will have an opportunity to create New Profiles, Import from a previous project or choose from a selection of profiles within Cymap. These profiles within Cymap have been based on BRE published data and the lighting average installed power densities are interpolated from the CIBSE Code for Lighting.

    What is a Room Profile?

    A room profile (can also be used as a Zone Profile) as shown in the screenshot below, is a convenient way of storing the Room Data for different rooms. Although only the General Tab is featured below, a similar range of inputs are stored for the Ventilation, People, Lights, equipment and Part L details. The Part L tab is only required if you intend to export the project to iSBEM and may be greyed out if the “Building Type” has not been set.


    How do I access these resources?

    During the setup wizard or any time after, using the Edit>Template Profiles. Note the difference between “Profile” & “Template Profiles.”


    Editing a Profile will affect a single room only.

    Editing Template Profiles will affect “All Rooms” associated with that profile.

    Note that there is an Tick option to “Update only Items changed”.


    When faced with the “Select Template Profile” choose Import and Browse to the following location:       C:\Users\Public\Documents\Cymap 2020\Files\Examples\Profiles


    You can then select the most appropriate building type from the following list.


    Then select from the “Available” list either selectively or “Add All”


    I hope this saves you some time and thank you for your interest.



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