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    by David Crowther

    Cadline is pleased to announce the full release of MapThat V5.


    MapThat V5 was released in Autumn 2020 and builds on the new design interface and map tools implemented in MapThat v4. In this MapThat release we have worked hard on the MapThat Drawing Tools and ensured our WebGIS is future proof, by implementing the latest release of OpenLayers technology.

    Here are just a few of the new tools available in MapThat V5.

    Delete Vertices – the MapThat Drawing Tools now allow users to remove existing vertices to more easily reshape a map feature:


    Trace Tool – the MapThat Drawing Tools have also been updated with the ability to now trace around existing map features as well as trace using OS MasterMap geometry to make your spatial layers even more accurate.



    Coming soon for MapThat V5!

     While MapThat v5 has already been released, we are working hard on the incremental releases to bring you the following planned future improvements:

    • Temporal Time Slider
    • Layer Swipe
    • Zoom Slider Tool
    • Split Polygon/Polyline tool

    Try it for yourself on our TryMapThat website.




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