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    by David Crowther



    A MapThat Scale Print Job is failing with the following error – ‘NoneType' object has no attribute “setOpacity”’ – what is causing this?



    If you check the Scale Print Error log file, you will likely see that the cause of the job failure is a WMS Layer that was included in the Scale print job can’t be printed.

    In the example below, the user had the MasterMap Road Text WMS layer ticked on in MapThat while running the Scale Print Job, and this particular WMS couldn’t be printed so it failed the Print job.


    The error message - ‘NoneType' object has no attribute “setOpacity”’ – is generally a product of trying to print WMS layers, which can fail.

    Another good place to check is the MapThat control table – MT_PRINT_WMS_LAYERS – as this will list any WMS layers that were included in a Print Job.


    MapThat can print internal WMS layers, however if you find some of your external WMS layers fail, you may wish to remind users not to run Scale Print jobs with these WMS layers displayed. Alternately, you can also set your Scale Printing to not print any WMS layers – so even if the WMS layers are visible they will not be printed and your print jobs won’t fail.

    This is a setting you can choose in the MapThat Admin Forms > Printing > Print Admin Settings > Print_WMS_Layers




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