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    by John Flanagan


    Managing Layer Settings Using Layer States

    You can save your current layer settings as a layer state, which you can restore later or import to other drawings. A layer state is like a snapshot of the existing layers and layer settings at the time the layer state is created.


    In this example, all layers except those for the walls, doors and windows were turned off and the colour for the door layer was changed. With layer states, you can save sets of layer settings and easily switch between them. When you restore a layer state, you can restore all the layer settings or specify which layer settings to restore. For example, you can choose to restore only the Frozen/Thawed setting of the layers in a drawing, ignoring all other settings saved in the layer state. If a layout viewport is current when the layer state is restored, any viewport overrides are applied to this layout viewport.

    A layer state can be changed after it has been created:

    • If new layers were added to the drawing after the layer state was saved, add them to the layer state.
    • Edit a layer state to change specific layer settings. 
    • Remove layers from a layer state.

    Use the Layer States Manager to create, edit, rename, remove and restore layer states.