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    by Miles Nicholson


    When defining wire types or indeed pipe or flow processes within AutoCAD® Electrical, the user has 20 user definable fields where the headers can be customised and the data reported out in reports such as a wire or pipe from/to lists (netlist).

    This is easily achieved by editing the properties of the project. Therefore if the properties of the project(s) you use to create new projects from is edited, the new project will have the customised wire/pipe type headers.

    As AutoCAD® Electrical can be multi-discipline within a project e.g. pneumatic and electrical drawings contained within the same project, it is easier if your electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic and P&ID wires/pipes/flow processes are defined.

    To change the headers of the Wire Type dialogue:

    Right click over the current activated project

    Select ACAD_Elec_Wire_Type_Columns_MN_02.png

    Select ACAD_Elec_Wire_Type_Columns_MN_03.png tab.

    Select ACAD_Elec_Wire_Type_Columns_MN_04.png


    For each user value you wish to change, enter the header text you wish to be displayed e.g.


    Select ACAD_Elec_Wire_Type_Columns_MN_07.png

    Select ACAD_Elec_Wire_Type_Columns_MN_08.png again

    • When creating new wires/pipes, select ACAD_Elec_Wire_Type_Columns_MN_09.png Create/Edit Wire Type
    • When drawing new wires/pipes, select ACAD_Elec_Wire_Type_Columns_MN_10.png Insert Wire
    • When drawing new pipes, select ACAD_Elec_Wire_Type_Columns_MN_11.png Pipe (Cadline Localiser)

    The dialogue will display the additional fields: