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    by John Flanagan


    Copy and Paste a Material

    In the illustration below, the foundation components don’t blend because they contain different materials.


    We can easily copy and paste the material from the strip footing (concrete, cast-in-place – C15) to the angled footing (material – by category).

    Edit the Angled Footing Family

    Double click on the Angled Footing family to open it in the Family Editor. Select the Angled Footing and in the Materials and Finishes section of Properties click the little box button to the right of <By Category> to open the Associate Family Parameter dialogue box.


    Now create a new parameter and name it material.


    Load the family back into the project and overwrite the existing if required. Next select the strip footing and click Edit Type. In the Type Properties dialogue box under Type Parameters, copy the Structural Material Concrete, Cast-in-Place – C15 to the clipboard (Ctrl C).


    Now select the Angled Footing and click Edit Type. In the Type Properties dialogue box you will see the Material parameter that you created earlier. Highlight <By Category> and paste the strip footing material (Ctrl V).


    The foundation components will now blend together as shown.