Enscape 2.8.2 now available!

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by Dennis Collin


A new version of Enscape is now available with many new features and enhancements. Version 2.8.2 has many new features making visualising models and impressing clients even easier and quicker.

New features include Enscape’s new Collaborative Annotation feature, where issues and comments can be captured within a project. Issues can then be saved with named model views and reviewed at a later stage. BIM data and groups can also be searched for and highlighted.


In terms of visuals, hundreds of new assets have been added to the Enscape asset library recently. These additions include 300 high-quality vegetation assets which can be inserted into your scenes with animation options to add a bit more life to the scene.


If working in healthcare, there are a range of health-related assets in the form of  staff, medical equipment and furniture to enhance scenes. 


Other enhancements are options to bump and normal channels on materials providing a little more depth to carpet surfaces and other rough finishes.


Fig. Enscape’s easy to use tools sit within the application, in this case, Revit’s ribbon menu.

Enscape is available as an add-in to Revit as well as Sketchup, Rhino and ArchiCAD. For further information on Enscape, Unity and other visualisation options visit www.cadline.co.uk and use the online chat or alternatively call one of the team on 01784 419922.

A 14 day trial version of Enscape can be obtained from www.Enscape3d.com

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