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    by David Crowther



    How can I identify the coordinates for the Map Extents of my QGIS Map?


    By default the status bar in QGIS will show you the coordinates of your mouse/cursor location. The Coordinates are based on the Map Projection assigned, which is identified in the bottom right of the status bar:


    The cursor coordinates are shown in the centre of the Status bar.


    By clicking the mouse image to the right of the coordinates, you change the setting from the default – cursor coordinates – to now show the coordinates for the current Map Extent. This is a pair of X&Y coordinates for the bottom left and top right of the map window.


    If we now zoom the map out to show all the features in this layer, you can see that the Map Extent coordinates in this new map window have now changed.


    The Map Extent coordinates is a great tool to help you identify the Max/Min and Start - Map Extents for a WebGIS and is therefore really helpful for all Cadline WebGIS (MapThat) Administrators!