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    by David Crowther



    I would like to add OS MasterMap as a basemap that auto displays when the user zooms in to a specific Map Zoom Level – how can I do this?


    Basemaps in ReportIT will appear in the top left corner of the ReportIT Incident window.

    e.g. here is OpenStreetMap:


    And here is MapBox Satellite:


    While OS MasterMap can be added as a Basemap option, because ReportIT requires a User to manually change the Basemap being shown, OS MasterMap will not auto appear when you zoom in.

    Therefore the solution is to add your OS MasterMap as a DATA LAYER in ReportIT and associate the Data Layer to your Incident (Project).

    In the ReportIT Admin Forms clone an existing DATA LAYER and make the changes needed to point to your BINGTILES for OS MasterMap.

    • set the Layer Type = Bingtile
    • the URL = the location of your OS MasterMap mashup files
    • set the Zoom On to be the level at which you would like the OS MasterMap tiles to be added to the map


    Then in your Incident settings Add this DATA LAYER and save the changes to your Incident.


    Note – by linking the OS MasterMap Data Layer to a specific Basemap e.g. Open Street Map (as above), this means the OS MasterMap layer only appears when the User has set the Basemap to be OpenStreetMap, and it will not be added to the map when the User chooses to show the MapBox Satellite Basemap.

    Now when you open the ReportIT Incident page and zoom into Level 17, the OS MasterMap tiles will be added as a Layer on top of the current basemap.






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