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    by John Flanagan



    Updating and Modifying Fields

    This blog follows on from my previous blog: How to Insert Fields (14/09/2020).

    To manually update or modify a field, double-click on the text to open it in the text editor. Then right-click in the field and select the appropriate option from the shortcut menu. (If the text editor is not active, the options are not available).



    • Fields that do not have a current value assigned, display as four dashes (----) in the drawing. For example, four dashes would be displayed in the Title field in a drawing in which the title has not yet been assigned in the Drawing Properties.

    Field Settings

    By default, the current values for fields update automatically in a drawing when you do any of the following: Open, Save, Plot, eTransmit, or Regenerate the drawing.

    • To control which actions cause an update, use the Field Update Settings dialogue box. Put a check in the box to automatically update fields.


    • To access the Field Update Settings dialogue box, in the Options dialogue box>User Preferences tab, click Field Update Settings.