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    by John Flanagan


    How To Insert Fields

    This blog follows on from my previous blog: Using Fields (09/09/2020).

    1. In the ribbon, Insert tab>Data panel, click Field.
    2. In the Field dialogue box, select the field that you want to include.


    1. Select the required format and other options for the field.
    2. Click OK to place the field in the drawing.
    • When you select a field in the Field names area, the list of options change in the Format area. For example, for the Filename field, you can specify the case for the text and whether or not to include the path; for the Date field, you can specify the date format. This is an example of the Date Field: 27/08/2020. You can change the format to display differently: August 27, 2020.
    • You can select a Field category in the Field dialogue box to filter the list of fields and narrow the options.
    • The field displays with the current value highlighted in grey (the grey background does not plot). You can toggle it off in the Options dialogue box in the User Preferences tab, by clearing the Display background of fields option.
    • When you are working with Object fields in a text object or table, you can select an object even if it is in Model Space and you are working in Paper Space.