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    by John Flanagan



    Dynamic Blocks

    With conventional AutoCAD blocks, an individual block cannot easily be modified. You need to redefine or explode the block. Dynamic blocks are designed to be easily resized or modified in a variety of ways.

    For example, you can define a bolt block that stretches to fit any of the standard bolt lengths that you use. Similarly in a floor plan drawing, you can define a door/window block that stretches to fit any opening.

    Hex Socket Bolt (Side) - Metric


    Instead of using many separate blocks to represent each size or variation of an object, you can define a single dynamic block to manage all of the sizes and variations. Therefore, using dynamic blocks can reduce the number of blocks in your block library.

    • Not all dynamic blocks have the same modification features. The features depend on the modifications that are built into the block when it is defined.
    • When you select a dynamic block, special grips on it display the available types of modification. For example, the arrow grip on the end of the bolt shown above enables you to stretch the object.

         You can use grips to modify a block after it has been inserted.

    • The AutoCAD software contains a number of sample dynamic blocks that are displayed in Tool Palettes in many of the sample palettes.

         You can identify dynamic blocks by the lighting bolt that is displayed on the block icon.

    Mechanical Tool Palette