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    by Garry Stockton


    Below are the primary things to consider preparing if you wish to Export to Navisworks. This is to ensure that we can work correctly in the modelled environment.


    We have to consider the location of the 0.0 of the project in the models of the different disciplines, so that when they are inserted they do so in the correct position, outside of which one can move and accommodate it, although I don’t recommend it as this could bring coordination problems.

    • An important issue to define among all those involved is the work units for everything to be consistent.
    • Optimise the models before exporting them to Navisworks.
    • It is advisable to create a 3D view, showing objects that you would like to export.

    In case of large projects, it is possible to analyse the possibility of subdividing it before exporting. This is done in order to make interference detection easier, more limited and with more manageable reports generation.

    One of the objectives we can have is to link the models to the work schedule. Is our model ready to be able to link to that timeline? For example, suppose that the columns were modelled from the ground floor to the top floor as a single object. If you then associate the construction of that column from the ground floor, as it is not divided, it will appear built to the top floor and that is untrue. That is why it is so important to model how it is going to be built, to understand how we want to implement BIM in the project, so that we all know what is expected of the models.



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