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    by David Lewis



    During the draughting process there is often a need to do calculations. This can result in draughters downing tools and either picking up the calculator on their desk, on their computer or using the calculator in AutoCAD however there may be a better way…

    ‘CAL Command

    The ‘CAL tool allows users to perform calculations from the command line even if they are in the middle of using the command. The important part is the apostrophe!


    Let’s say we are drawing the shape below using the polyline tool. We know the value of side A and B so we could activate the polyline tool and start to enter the values for side A and B.


    When we arrive at side C instead of picking up a calculator, calculating the value in our heads, or coming out of the polyline command, we could simple type ‘CAL into the command line and type 175/3, press enter and the polyline will be drawn the correct size.

    We could then proceed to complete the shape by using the subcommand Close located on the command line.