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    by Dennis Collin


    Need to Import Excel Spreadsheets into Revit?



    The ability to bring in Excel Spreadsheets is a common question when talking to Revit users. Often the question relates to bringing in an unconnected report, or chart that needs to be placed on to a drafting or legend view and output to a drawing sheet.


    This is a very straight forward process with the Tablegen add-in for Revit. Once installed run the application and choose either to bring in a single table or batch import data from a range of different files and selection sets. Once the selection has been made, pick the view type and click the apply option to bring the table into Revit. The data is brought in as lines and text, but it is possible to update the view by accessing the batch actions menu where it is also possible to change between absolute and relative pathing, duplicate and delete views etc.


    The created view with the imported data is named according to the worksheet name and can be placed on a sheet as desired.


    Fig. In some cases (marked in red) some long data strings can produce formatting errors but adjusting the columns in excel prior to import will solve this issue.


    This free add-in is available for Revit versions 2018-2021 on the App store here: (Login required)