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    by Martin Phelps


    To save the time and effort involved in typing “Text” into a drawing, for example specification data that may already exist in *.DOC format, the document can be opened in Word, its contents or part contents can be selected and “Copied” to the clipboard then “Pasted” into the “Text Editor” within the drawing, as shown in Figure 1.


    Figure 1.


    However, using the “Copy and Paste” process for geometry can increase the size of the drawing file.

    In most cases the “Text” contained in the word document will be a combination of both “Upper” and “Lower” case characters, however the “Text” within the drawing may need to be displayed in “Upper case”.

    To convert the text to “Uppercase”, double click on the text to open the “Text Editor”, highlight the text that requires changing.

    Right mouse click to display the menu, from the menu select “Change Case”.

    Two options are available “Lower Case” or “Upper Case”, select as required, all selected text will now change to the required format regardless of text height, as shown in Figure 2.


    Figure 2.