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    by David Lewis


    Survey Figures Overview

    Survey figures are linear features defined using survey data coding. They are commonly used to represent features such as fence lines, building external wall lines, kerbs, road centrelines etc. These lines can be referenced by other Civil 3D® objects such as surfaces, feature lines and corridors to enable design work to tie into the existing site features.

    Survey figures are created from the survey data stored in the survey database, however there are occasions where figures may need to be created either interactively or from an object.


    Create Figures interactively

    When a survey database is created, survey figures can be created interactively by expanding the named survey database, right clicking ‘figures’ and selecting ‘Create figure interactively.’ This will open the ‘New figure’ dialogue box where users will be required to enter a name for their figure.

    When the New figure dialogue box is confirmed, the model space will activate and the command line will flash prompting user to select the relevant point to base their new figure (fig 1).


    Alternatively, users can choose the ‘Create figure from object’ option where they will be able to convert 2D/3D lines, 2D/3D polylines, feature lines, plot lines and plot areas into figures.

    When choosing this option, and after having selected their object in the model space, users will be presented with the ‘Create Figure From Object’ dialogue box where they will name their figure, assign it to the appropriate survey database and choose whether to associate the survey points selected to the vertices of the object. (fig 2)