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    by Dennis Collin



    The Drawing Purge add-in extends the functionality of the standard Purge command, cleaning drawing files of unused styles and settings, reducing file size and enhancing system performance whilst editing those files.


    Located within the Add-ins tab, there are two enhanced Purge commands. The first just purges the current drawing of additional objects including Microstation Design File (DGN), unreferenced LineTypes, RegApps and Annotation Scale settings.

    Should the routine detect any XRefs attached to the drawing which also need purging, a dialog box will display notifying the user and provide options.


    The second command is very useful and provides the option to batch purge AutoCAD drawings in several different locations. Files and even entire folders can be selected. The dialogue provides a list of files to be purged, detailing the AutoCAD file version, its purge status and pre and post purge file size etc. Additional tabs contain options on how to handle external reference files, backups, file versions, unit type, current working space etc. This command is a vital tool for any AutoCAD drawing office.


    The app can be downloaded and installed from the Autodesk App store here: (Login required)

    As with all add-ins this app only works with full AutoCAD versions 2017-2021