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    by David Crowther



    Why do I get the Error Processing Request Message?



    In the MapThat FAQ below we explore reasons for the MapThat – Error Processing Request message. The FAQ explains that this can often be caused through incorrect Configuration of MapThat and also often due to Invalid Geometry in the data being loaded:


    However, there is one Setting which if incorrectly supplied will make the Error Processing Request appear after only a little while working with MapThat – and that is the SESSION TIMEOUT setting.

    In your MapThat Admin Forms check the Page Setting options and in particular the SESSION_TIMEOUT value. In the example below the SESSION TIMEOUT has been set to only 5 (Minutes) so after only 5 minutes of working MapThat will Timeout and present the Error Processing Request error message.


    So – ensure that you change this value to a higher number e.g. 60 (minutes) and the Error Processing Request (timeout) issue will now be resolved!


    Note – the SESSION_TIMEOUT setting is not compulsory in MapThat so if you wish to, Contact your Cadline Support Team and we will remove this for you.