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    by David Lewis



    Description Key Wildcards

    Description keys may contain ‘wild cards’ to match raw descriptions that contain additional information such as numbering.



    Survey stations may be STA1, STA2, STA3.

    By using the code STA# this would match all the points that are coded with STA (followed by a number) to the same Description Key.


    Common wild keys include:

     # - Matches any single numeric digit (e.g. A# matches A1 – 9)

    @ - Matches any alphabetic character (e.g. 1@ matches 1A – 1Z)

    .  - Matches any non-alphabetic character (e.g. A. matches A+ or A-)

    * - Matches any string of characters (e.g. T* matches TREE, TRENCH)

    ? – Matches any single character (e.g. ?AA matches AAA or 1AA)