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    by John Flanagan


    Callout Views

    A callout is a view that you place in a plan, section, detail or elevation view to create a detailed view of a part of the parent view.

    Fig 1: Callout tool (Ribbon View tab>Create panel)


    When you create a callout, a new view called a callout view is created and is listed in the project browser.

    Callout Types

    The following table describes the two types of callout views.


    Creating Callout Views

    • In a project, click View tabCreate panelCallout drop-down (Rectangle).
    • In the Type Selector, select the type of callout to create: a detail callout or a view callout (a callout view that has the same view type as the parent view).
    • To define the callout area, drag the cursor from the upper-left to the lower-right, creating a callout bubble as shown by the dashed line in the diagram below.
    • The area enclosed within the callout boundary is the callout bubble. A callout bubble and callout head are connected by a leader line. 
    • The callout bubble, callout head and leader line are together referred to as a callout tag.


    • You should plan the use of views and callouts to provide a logical sequence from views with little detail to views with more.
    • You can use standard details in drafting views as references for multiple callouts that detail the same condition.