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    by Dennis Collin


    Dynamo has been available in FormIt for the past few years and provides conceptual designers some powerful tools to quickly create complex forms like stairs, louvres, curtain panelling, railings along a path and so on. There are some sample tools provided out of the box. However, it is also possible to quickly access the Dynamo editor and either create some scripts from scratch or modify existing files and apply them to geometry in the FormIt workspace.


    Simply clicking on the Dynamo button marked and by choosing either a sample or a custom script, elements can be selected and modelling tasks be performed in a matter of seconds like this piece of Storefront Curtain Walling. Should the system need to be modified panels can be accessed to adjust the mullion frames and panels to suit.



    At the top of the script browser it is possible to run the Dynamo scripting environment and create and modify scripts and therefore make bespoke routines to achieve tasks. The editing environment will be familiar to anyone who has used Dynamo for other Autodesk products.





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