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    by Dennis Collin



    Question: Is it possible to repeat a typical steel connection like a haunch to other similar locations elsewhere in a project?



    Answer: Yes, this was introduced as a new feature to Steel connection elements within Revit 2020.

    Add the connection detail in the usual way, select the element, right click and choose the propagate connection option from the menu. Revit will then place the same connection detail wherever the same structural conditions exist.



    There are however a few things to consider:

    • You can only propagate standard steel connections and parametric cut elements. Generic connections and custom steel connections cannot be propagated.
    • Propagation only works on visible elements.
    • The propagation tool does not create a connection on an input situation if another connection exists.
    • Propagation only works for steel connections. If a connection has a non-steel component as one of its elements - for example, a concrete foundation and column plate and bolt connection. Propagate Connection option will be greyed out.


    Should these elements be modified then propagated connections will update accordingly.