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    by Miles Nicholson


    When migrating the catalogue database in AutoCAD® Electrical from one release to another, a message may appear which states “aceDbMergeUtil: Syntax error in CREATE INDEX statement".


    Selecting ACElec_Syntax_MN_03.png on the message will allow the migration utility to continue.

    Basically this is because there are special characters in the names of one of the tables inside of the catalogue database which may not successfully migrate. This is generally a _PINLIST_* table where the manufacturer has a “&” or a “+” in their name. The characters that trigger the error include:

    • #
    • &
    • /
    • ,
    • (
    • )
    • +

    Now many manufacturers contain the “+” or the “&” in their name and this means it will come up with the above mentioned error. However the data will still be migrated using these 2 characters despite the error message and more importantly AutoCAD® Electrical will function correctly. Alternatively try and use a different alias if you don’t want the error message to appear in future.