Issues Opening or Appending a DWG with Navisworks

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by Garry Stockton


Are you having issues opening or appending a DWG in Navisworks?

When opening DWG in Navisworks, the file indicates it cannot open.  A dialog box states: "The drawing cannot be opened or is unavailable".


The cause is format communication degradation. The files are mixed formatting and cannot be translated to the later version of Navisworks.


This typically is overcome by saving the DWG file down, using the save-as feature in AutoCAD to then translate to a previously release format to be successfully translated to Navisworks. Navisworks can translate forward and current. It is unable to forecast or translate more recent releases than its release.

For example:  Navisworks 2018 and AutoCAD 2019, the DWG in 2019 will need to be saved down to previous release (2013 in this example in AutoCAD) to then be opened in Navisworks 2019.


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