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    by Miles Nicholson


    When you select Edit Wire Number, you have 10 user attributes that you can define. These are titled W01USER, W02USER…W10USER. Although these are hard coded into the software, you can add your own comments to the side.

    What can these be used for?

    Any additional information about the wire e.g. manual length, strip length a, strip length b, circuit function, unit number etc.


    These additional fields can be reported on when running a From/To List.

    Open the WD_WNV.dwg from your selected library.


    Double left click on the W##USER attribute or use DDEDIT.

    Edit the Prompt where applicable:


    Repeat the process for however many W##USER attributes you wish to change. When a new wire number is placed in a new schematic, the dialogue for Edit Wire Number will now be modified. Example below typical for aviation clients:


    Repeat for the WD_WNH, WD_WNV1 & WD_WNH1.

    Note: For our aviation clients, Cadline has a utility to combine these values to create the unique wire identification code.



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