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    by Miles Nicholson


    When running a report within AutoCAD® Electrical, have you ever wondered what each available field in the Fields To Report dialogue means? It’s all in the Help, but sometimes it depends on where you select the Help option.

    As an example, when running a From/To report, over 100 fields are available:


    In most cases, selecting the AC_Elec_Report_Fields_MN_03.png option will bring up a list of the available fields and their meanings:


    This depends on where you are in the command though. As an example, the Help instantly shows the fields to report within AC_Elec_Report_Fields_MN_05.png dialogue, but won’t in the preview:


    If you are still unable to find the meanings of the Available Fields, type “report data” into the Information bar in the top right of your screen and select : AC_Elec_Report_Fields_MN_07.png


    You will see several articles with each report type being listed e.g. Cable, From/To, Component etc.

    If you’re still unsure as to the fields and their meanings, just add the fields into Fields to Report and see what affect it has on the report.



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