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    by Chris Turner

    I frequently get asked about customising the Vault Thin Client landing page. This can be easily done with your own images.


    You can find and replace the following from this location on the Vault Server:

    C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Vault Thin Client 2021\Content\images\layout\

    • HeroImage.png – Main picture - image size 1182 x 440 pixels
    • WebBanner.png – Main picture logo - image size 332 x 52 pixels
    • WebBanner_SignedIn – Top banner when signed in - image size 250 x 30 pixels

    Remember to always backup the originals and you may have to clear your browser cached images!

    Autodesk Vault - Thin Client login

    In the Vault Thin Client, accessing this has sometimes been a bit tricky for end-users who always have to type in the server name and the name of the Vault that they want to access.



    A better URL can be used to take the end-user straight to the login page with this automatically filled in. All the user needs to do is just type in their user name and password.



    The result is also hard coded and can’t be changed.



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