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    by John Flanagan


    Design Centre – An Overview

    A tool palette called Design Centre is available to help you manage your standards. It enables you to access named objects within any drawing to copy them into the current drawing. It is commonly used for inserting blocks. You can have a library of drawings that include typical blocks grouped in a useful order, as shown. From the design centre, you can open the drawing and then drag and drop the blocks into your current drawing.

    Ctrl+2 toggles the Design Centre open or closed  


    • In addition to blocks, you can copy other named objects using the Design Centre, including layers, linetypes, layouts and reference files (xrefs) and text, table or dimension styles.   
    • Design Centre is a palette. Therefore, it can be docked and hidden in the same way as Tool Palettes and Properties.

    Design Centre Content

    Three tabs across the top of Design Centre provide access to different parts of its content.


    Enables you to use the Folder List to navigate to drawings on your computer or network drives.

    Open Drawings

    Provides access to drawing(s) that are open in the AutoCAD software. You can copy components from any of the open drawings into your current Drawing window.


    Lists several of the last drawings used in Design Centre. Double-click on the filename to load the drawing in the Folders tab.

    Use Design Centre to drag specific content, or even an entire drawing, from one drawing file into another.




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