AutoCAD Electrical 2021 – Splitting a Symbol Block

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by Miles Nicholson


Any symbol or block can be split and the collective parts of the block separated into two or more. The command ACElec_Splitting_MN_01.png Split PLC is, in some ways, ambiguous with its command name as it can be utilised on any block with attributes.

Why split and separate a block into two or more parts?

  • To split a block across drawings
  • To display the block more logically within the existing wire/cable constraints of the drawing

Select Schematic ribbon tab > Edit Components panel > ACElec_Splitting_MN_02.png Scoot ACElec_Splitting_MN_03.JPG > ACElec_Splitting_MN_04.png Split PLC

Pick the symbol/block on the drawing you wish to split                    (the block will be temporarily exploded)

Draw a selection window around the objects you wish to split:


Type U and left click to deselect any objects you don’t wish to include.

Right click to accept your selection choice.

You can then decide which Break Type you prefer:


Select ACElec_Splitting_MN_07.png to define the new base point of insertion for the 2nd+ part of the symbol. Left click to pick:


Select ACElec_Splitting_MN_09.png


Drag your cursor to a different position. Left click when you are happy with the new position:


The 2nd+ symbol will be changed so that it has a TAG2 attribute instead of a TAG1. If you wish to have cross reference information displayed between the two symbols please refer to the following article:

Adding Cross Reference Intelligence On The Fly


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