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    by Garry Stockton

    Can't save Revit "template" (.rte) file as a "project" (.rvt) file


    • Revit Templates are created to be a starting point for new projects.
    • Revit does not allow template files to be directly saved as a project file (using the Save As command).
    • The process for creating a project from a template would be to select to create a project (Ctrl+N) and specify the template to use for the new project.

    To create the project from the template go through the following steps:

    In Revit, select the File Ribbon tab, hover the mouse over New, and then select Project. If the desired template is not in the drop-down list of Project Templates, click Browse (1). In the Choose Template dialog box, navigate to the .rte file you've been working in (2) and Click OK.


    The new "project" (.rvt) file is created and should contain everything that was in the .rte file.

    Save the project.