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    by Garry Stockton

    I’m sure you’re aware that unless you change the DWG/DGN settings, Revit will use ‘American Institute of Architects Standards’, not UK ‘BS1192 Layering Standards’. For those that don’t, please follow the enclosed.

    In a project you will notice there’s an option hidden away to configure DWG or DGN export settings.


    How to create the setting.

    Go to the export settings dialogue box mentioned above. You will note by default they are set to ‘American Institute of Architects Standards’.


    Reset by dropping the Load Layers from Standards dropdown.


    You may want to create your own New Network Name (1) and include your company or client name (2). Ok that and it will appear in the Select Export Setup.


    The same principle applies for configuring any other settings within this interface. Ensure they are all on shared network resources. Set the Layer mapping text file appropriately. In the screen shot below, we have a customised layer mapping file which ‘has’ to be placed on your server in a shared network drive so that each PC can read it.


    Once you have set the above, test the new DWG/DXF/DGN outputs and save them to your Revit Company Template.rte with the updated settings.  You will need to repeat this for all versions of Revit Platforms your company is running i.e. Revit 2019, 2010, 2021 etc…