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    by John Flanagan


    Creating Annotative Objects

    Annotation scales can be associated with annotative objects in AutoCAD so that these objects can be sized properly for specific annotation scales in model space and displayed correctly in paper space.

    The following objects can be annotative:

    • Hatches
    • Text (single-line and multiline)
    • Dimensions
    • Tolerances
    • Leaders and multileaders (created with MLEADER)
    • Blocks
    • Attributes


    Many of the dialog boxes used to create these objects contain an Annotative check box where you can make the object annotative. You can also change existing objects to be annotative by changing the annotative property in the Properties palette.

    When you hover the cursor over an annotative object that supports one annotation scale, the cursor displays an AC_Annotative_JF_04.png icon. When the object supports more than one annotation scale, it displays an AC_Annotative_JF_05.png icon.


    Text, dimension and multileader styles can also be annotative. Annotative styles create annotative objects.