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    by Dennis Collin

    Occasionally AutoCAD loses its ribbon menu, or reports it does not have any ribbon panels or tabs loaded.


    This can happen for several reasons, but one of the following tasks should restore AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT back to its normal appearance.

    If no panels are visible try reloading the AutoCAD menu or Custom User Interface (CUI) file.

    This is achieved by typing CUILOAD from the command prompt and open and load the ACAD.CUIX file. This is located within the AutoCAD support directory. Acknowledge any warnings and the ribbons should be restored.


    If the Ribbon does not display at all, ensure that the CLEANSCREEN function is turned off. This function is often enabled by accident, but can be set or enabled by pressing the CTRL + Zero key simultaneously.

    If the described situations do not apply, check that the AutoCAD workspace is set to the default drafting and annotation environment and not set to  ‘Classic Mode’ or similar.

    The workspace settings can be accessed via a small cog wheel icon at the bottom of the screen.



    If the ribbons show but in a truncated form, then switch through the display states using the minimise to tiles function.

    missing_ribbon_DC_05.jpg  Fig. Minimise or maximise the ribbon command


    From the streamlined layout above to the default arrangement below.


    If none of the listed solutions apply or work, try resetting the AutoCAD profile via the Options menu. This option is not available in AutoCAD LT. This should restore AutoCAD back to its default settings.


    If all else fails, repair or reinstall the AutoCAD software. Although in most cases one of the listed solutions will solve the missing AutoCAD ribbon menus.



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