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    by Florentina Stirbu


    It is not uncommon to use parameter driven descriptions, but sometimes the formatting may need to be adjusted.

    As an example, the frame assembly below is set to include the member length (G_L parameter) in the description.


    By default, the G_L parameter will be exported to a custom iProperty as text, with 3 decimals for the value. 


    It is possible to change how a parameter is exported by right clicking it in the parameters list -> Custom Property format. The units and display precision are matching the definition in Document settings, and it can prove difficult to make this change for all frame members.



    However, there is a possibility to use iLogic to go through all assembly components, search for a named parameter ( G_L in this scenario ) and change the way it is exported as a custom iProperty.  

    It is possible to turn on/off the leading and trailing zeros, change the type, precision and unit, and turn on/off the unit’s string display.

    The code to format the member length to show no decimals and display the unit string is attached below.