AutoCAD Electrical 2021 – Associating a ZIP Program For Project Compression

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by Miles Nicholson


This month’s Tips and Tricks focuses on how you can associate a ZIP program to the software so that you can ZIP up your projects into a smaller compressed file format, possibly for emailing or transfer to clients / internal staff. The utility even allows multiple ZIP programs to be associated so that you have a choice of when compressing your projects.

For 7-Zip specifically, please refer to the following article:

Using 7-Zip to Publish Your Project

For other zip programs, right click over the current activated project.

Select Publish and you then have the option of publishing a project to ZIP (compressed file format):


The ZIP file program that you wish to use has to be associated with AutoCAD® Electrical. The software will not operate with Windows compressed file option as there is no program association with that functionality.

To set an association with a ZIP program, right click over the current activated project and select AC_Elec_ZIP_MN_03.png

Select AC_Elec_ZIP_MN_04.png

Select AC_Elec_ZIP_MN_05.png

Highlight the file WD.ENV and then right click and Open to open the file up. The file can be edited using Notepad.

The variable for associating a ZIP program is the following:

*WD_ZIP,c:/program files/WinRAR/rar.exe, full path/name for alternate zipping utility.

You can have multiple ZIP programs associated such as WinZip, WinRar, 7-zip etc.

For each ZIP program, just repeat the line underneath one another and remove the rem character of “*”.

Therefore an association with WinRAR would be:

WD_ZIP,c:/program files/WinRAR/rar.exe, full path/name for alternate zipping utility.


N.B. The above is a screenshot of Windows Explorer showing the path.

Make sure you Save your changes and the next time AutoCAD® Electrical is restarted, the ZIP option will be available.

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