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    by John Flanagan


    How to Connect Truss Members

    Use the Coping tool in Revit to connect truss members. To see coping, the view Detail Level must be Medium or Fine. In the example below a Standard W Truss has been selected.


    Truss before coping is applied (left) and after coping is applied (right)

    Before using the Coping tool, extend the truss web members to the top and bottom truss chords as illustrated. Use the tab key to select an individual element and unpin it to access the extend controls. Do this in an elevation view, you will not see the extend controls in a section view.


       Extend Diagonal Truss Members to the top and bottom truss chords

    Using the Coping tool to join the top and bottom truss chords, first select a member (top chord) that you want to cope into another member (bottom chord).


    To access the Coping tool you always need to select the truss first. You will then see the Coping tool on the Geometry panel on the ribbon.



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