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    by John Flanagan


    Project Templates: Customised Tags

    You can customise Annotation types in your project template file including dimensions, text types and tags.


    Text, Dimensions and Arrowheads are all system families. This means they have a standard set of parameters which you can modify and save as a type. Callout, Section and Elevation tags can be modified within the Autodesk Revit Software. Most other tags are created using families.

    Customising View Tags

    Section, Callout and Section Tags can be modified to suit an office standard.

    By default, there is a predefined view tag for each view type.

    The default tags


    Section, callout and elevation tags are graphic indicators that reference (link to) other views in your project. View tags are organised in the following hierarchy: The view type refers to a Callout Tag type (and a Section Tag type for section views); the Section Tag type then refers to a section head family and a section tail family. By customising these two tags of the section family we can create a new section style.


    The section line shown has been saved to a predefined family folder as: Custom Arrow – No Tail.