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    by Florentina Stirbu



    Recently I’ve had an interesting request about including cutting angles into the BOM for frame assemblies.

    For each end treatment applied to a frame member, Inventor creates a custom iProperty named CUTDETAIL that returns the treatment type (Cut angle or Miter) and the angle value.


    The Cut details (and any other custom iProperties) can be added to the BOM simply by typing their names in the list as shown below:Inventor_Frame_-_FS_03.png


    However, for the calibration of the cutting saws, the BOM would need to include the angle that is complementary to the one listed in the custom iProperties.

    As a starting point, the customer tried the code accepted as solution here : https://forums.autodesk.com/t5/inventor-customization/frame-generator-miter-and-cut-detail-customized-bom/td-p/8879485/page/2

    However, it did not seem to produce the desired result.


    I’ve modified the code and managed to get it to work:  


    The working version of the code that has been tested in Inventor 2020 and 2021 is attached below.