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    by Miles Nicholson


    Generally within AutoCAD® Electrical each component’s attribute data is displayed on a single line of text.  The exception to this is that a Description can be split easily across 3 description lines:


    Moreover common descriptions can be saved as a company standard ensuring company standardisation of abbreviations and/or descriptions across multiple engineers.

    Select AC_Elec_Multiple_lines_MN_03.png

    Select AC_Elec_Multiple_lines_MN_04.png to add the description.

    If you AC_Elec_Multiple_lines_MN_05.png using Notepad, adding a “|” symbol in the long description will allow you to either split the description text potentially across 3 description lines, or as a single description value where the “|” is effectively a carriage return.

    Component TAG’s can also be easily split by having the attributes TAG1_PART1 & TAG1_PART2; TAG2_PART1 & TAG2_PART2. This is typically done within P&ID drawings. More information on this can be found:

    Split Component TAGs

    However what about other attributes that don’t have 3 associated attributes or what about splitting the description into further lines?

    Although the title of this article relates to AutoCAD® Electrical, the splitting of an attribute into multiple lines is applicable across all versions of AutoCAD® using the following methodology.

    This can either be done within the symbol within the library, or within the specific block on your schematic. In the below example, we are going to change DESC1 attribute into a multiline attribute, on the fly, so that the description text can be split across even more lines.


    Select Home ribbon tab > Block panel > AC_Elec_Multiple_lines_MN_07.pngEdit or type BEDIT at the command line.

    Select the block from the list of the blocks within the current drawing you wish to edit:


    Select AC_Elec_Multiple_lines_MN_09.png

    Highlight the attribute you wish to change to a multiline attribute.


    Right click >AC_Elec_Multiple_lines_MN_11.png

    Scroll down the Properties dialogue and change the Multiple lines value to Yes.


    Now change the Boundary width which has become available from the change above:


    Select  AC_Elec_Multiple_lines_MN_14.png

    Save the changes.


    Select Home ribbon tab > Block panel > AC_Elec_Multiple_lines_MN_16.JPG > AC_Elec_Multiple_lines_MN_17.png Synchronise Attributes or type ATTSYNC at the command line.

    Type S or select S on the command line.

    Pick the symbol you’ve just modified.

    Type Y or select Yes on the command line.


    The text will be split across multiple lines based on the Boundary width defined whilst editing the block. Some attributes may become visible/invisible dependent upon their norm within the library symbol. These can be turned ON/OFF using right click Attributes > List/Edit.