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    by Dennis Collin



    Unfortunately, Revit has no trunking category included within its electrical components. However, in the past I have mentioned workarounds that may be enough in certain situations. The pros and cons with these workflows can be found here:


    In the latest 2021 release we still don’t have trunking as a category, but there have been some improvements on cut operations within families, in that these can now be parameterised. This makes it easier to model elements such as trunking which may need to be mitred for interior or exterior corner junctions.


    Making the family as faced based will permit the creation of vertical trunking which will give a similar level of functionality as the native Revit wall sweep function. It also will accept linked file walls and other surfaces as suitable host objects.


    The one limitation is one of categorisation, so choose a suitable electrical category like electrical equipment or fixture and then create a sub-category as trunking. This will mean the trunking will show correctly in engineering discipline drawing views.


    This is not a perfect solution by any means, but it should suffice for most working scenarios without compromising any BIM conventions or principles.