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    by Dennis Collin


    Some time ago I posted about how guide grids are useful in positioning views consistently on sheets.


    This function works well when the reference objects like grids, levels and reference places reside in the same project as the sheet views.


    However, when working with projects containing linked files, users are unable to snap to a base point when moving the view to a guide grid line on a sheet. This limitation exists for all Revit versions including version 2021.

    A couple of workarounds address this problem. Firstly, use the Revit Copy/Monitor tool to copy through the desired level or grid elements. Alternatively create some reference planes within your current model, using the pick lines function from the reference objects.

    Once this is done the view can be positioned on the sheet correctly as expected. This issue has been noted on the Revit ideas forum and hopefully will be addressed in a future update.



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