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    by Martin Phelps


    With every release of AutoCAD and AutoCAD based products, Autodesk generally improves some of the background functionality and this release is no exception.

    The speed of real-time zooming and panning in 2D drawings has been improved by using a display method that takes advantage of “Objects” with similar “Properties”, coupled with another technique that controls the level of detail at different display magnifications.

    When using Realtime “Zoom” and “Pan” in a 2D drawing, AutoCAD will automatically perform a  display regeneration as and when required. It is not generally noticed except when working in a  large drawing file, or sometimes when using an old PC or laptop.

    To stop automatic display regeneration, set the “Rtregenauto” system variable to “Off”, this replaces “Regenauto” which is now obsolete.

    The display improvements are also apparent when “Zooming”, “Panning” or using “Steering Wheels” within a 3D model, due to AutoCAD now making use of multi-core processors. This improvement is more noticeable on complex 3D models containing curved surfaces.

    Previously exporting a model out of Revit to DWG format,  opening the file in AutoCAD and navigating around the model could be tedious, however this process has now been improved allowing  better movement around the model.



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