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    by Miles Nicholson


    An Internal Jumper is an internal connection between two terminals/pins within a schematic component. As an example you may have two earth terminals on a symbol where you wish to have them internally connected:


    Select Schematic ribbon tab > Edit Components panel > AC_Elec_MN_02.pngAC_Elec_MN_12.JPG>AC_Elec_MN_03.png Internal Jumper

    Select the component you wish to internally jumper.

    The connections of the component selected will be shown down the left hand side of the dialogue:


    Using Ctrl, left click on the connections you wish to jumper e.g.


    Select AC_Elec_MN_06.png

    You can also use AC_Elec_MN_07.png if you prefer.

    If you wish to review the internal connections defined, select AC_Elec_MN_08.png and then AC_Elec_MN_09.png to view the connections. If you ONLY select AC_Elec_MN_10.png, it doesn’t show anything and the command is still waiting for your selection.


    If the above circuit has wires connected and you perform a Wire Number, the wires connected to both internally jumpered terminals will be numbered identically. If you select to jumper two terminals on a  schematic component together, a warning will be displayed indicating that the internal jumpering will cause a conflict with the existing wire number assignments. If you ignore the warning and click Continue, an internal jumper will insert between the two terminals on the component but you will need to rerun the Insert Wire Numbers command to reconcile these two different wire numbers now jumpered together. If you click Cancel, the internal jumper data is not inserted.

    Add  -  Adds an internal jumper assignment.

    Update  -  Changes an existing jumper assignment.

    Delete  -  Removes the selected jumper assignment from the list.

    Pick  -  Selects the terminals to add to a jumper assignment. Try to select as close to the terminal as you can. AutoCAD Electrical toolset finds the closest connection terminal to your selected point.

    Show Jumpers  -  Displays the current jumper assignments. AutoCAD Electrical draws temporary lines between the jumpered terminals. These temporary graphics disappear when you perform a Regen/Zoom.



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