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    Freeze Header in Schedules

    With the new Revit release, you now can freeze or lock the main header and column headers in place to keep them visible when scrolling through up and down. When you unfreeze the headers, they may not be visible in every area while scrolling.

    This feature, although not significant, is definitely a good addition for those who regularly work with large schedules.

    Select Freeze Header (1) then pick the Header (2)


    Highlight Active Row and Zoom in Schedules

    You can also now zoom in on a schedule for large schedules as you would on any standard web browser by holding down CTRL and scrolling on your mouse wheel or using CTRL and +/- to zoom in and out. You can press CTRL and 0 to reset the zoom to default settings.


    This enhancement, in addition to the Freeze Header and Striped Rows enhancements, will make it significantly easier to work with large schedules.